Most in my circles already know this fantastic update, but I wanted to make an official announcement here on my website. I'm making a short film! I never expected it would happen as quickly as it did, but God is good!

A little backstory... 

About a year or so ago, I got the idea for this short film. Well, the short film then blossomed into a feature, which then blossomed into an even bigger story spanning three feature films haha. Crazy and ambitious, that's me. I have been pre-writing, outlining, and developing ever since. I finished the 20 page short earlier this summer.

I came up with this story because of my love for Gothic tales, fairy tales, and Neo-Westerns (quite a combo, I know), but also because I wanted to tell a story that could be filmed and featured in my home state of Arizona. Not just another story showcasing the typical AZ things, but one that would be fantastical, mythical, and magical. I want to push the envelope of what Arizona has been perceived as on screen.

In the short film, two of the most central characters meet--a nun and a vampire. I know, WTF right? But I promise it makes total sense in context. Another focus of mine is to showcase a completely platonic M/F friendship. I think that is something we really need to see more of in our culture right now. I am definitely a romantic so never doubt that romance will show up in everything I write, but in this instance, this relationship is a unique, unlikely friendship.

Fast forward a few months from finishing the first draft, and I have partnered with a very talented rising director here in Arizona-- Colten Dietz. He will be taking the helm as director, but I will remain very much involved, which is exactly how I want it to be when I make films. I am so honored to have him and our amazing cast and crew lined up. We will be filming over the New Year. I can't wait to share this project with the world!

Keep up with me on social media for updates. Also be sure to like our Facebook Page and show your support. Thank you!

I can't stop staring at the IMDB page. Seriously.... ADORATION

And I also can't stop staring at the POSTER, created of course by my favorite artist and partner in crime, Danielle Pajak.