2019: The final tally and where do I go from here?

While  a lot of my life has been falling apart in glorious proportions, one area that has improved is in the presentation of my craft. 

Since 2017, I have put out a novel and completed 3 feature screenplays (and a short). This year I spent a lot of time submitting 2 of the feature scripts to film festival competitions and agonizing over the outcomes. 

This is the first year I have done this. In the past, I have submitted TV pilots to WB and Amazon competitions, but that's about it. Considering this is my first real dive in, I did pretty well! My stuff definitely does better internationally than it does here in the US, but that doesn't surprise me at at all. Here is the final count for each of my stories as far as how they did in festivals... 

My beautiful award from SIFF! ♥
The Guide:
1 Finalist
1 Semi-Finalist
1 Official Selection
1 Top 100
2 Rejections

1 Finalist (1st Place Winner)
1 Official Selection
5 Rejections 

So now that I know there IS something positive to be said for my writing and storytelling, where do I go? How do I get these scripts into the right hands to be made into films? 

No, seriously, if you know please tell me! Due to the cutthroat culture of Hollywood and the drama between the WGA and talent agencies, it's damn near impossible to get an agent. I've thought about getting a manager, but I know even less about how that works. 

These stories are waiting to be splashed across the silver screen, but I feel so lost in the process. In our social media world, it's hard to even get people you already know to listen or view your work, so how do we creatives move forward in our career paths? The way is more muddled than ever.