Tuesday, November 3, 2020

I AM - A 2020 Meditation

Hello, folks. In America, it's a pretty bleak election day (bleak for those of us who want neither candidate running the country, anyway) and a lot of people have been in a state of constant anxiety and unrest. Last night, I took a walk and looked to the stars, moon, Mars & Venus above for comfort and inspiration--as I often do--and these words came to me. I recorded them on my phone then re-recorded on a better device afterward. They are coming from a Christian faith perspective, but whether or not you share my faith, you may find it soothing anyway. I just felt like I should make a video and share it to help spread some sense of peace and calm today. Much love to you all. ♥  

Music in this Video:
"Contact" by The Tower of Light
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I did not create them, nor do I own them. I am using them for artistic purposes only.

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