Artist's Statement

Fairy tales are not merely for children. In fact, I believe our need for them only increases as we get older and become corrupted by the monsters of the world. This is why I tell stories. I want jaded adults to go deep into the furnace of their hearts where hope, redemption, and rebirth may be only embers. I want their imaginations to be inspired so fervently that those embers burst into sustainable flames. I want anyone to know they can have a second chance, or a third, or a fourth (you get the idea). Redemption is possible. True love is possible. The metamorphosis of self is possible. By drawing from fairy tales, myths, legends, and above all, my religious faith, I build worlds and create characters who march through the ordinary in extraordinary ways. In screenplays, novels, advertisements, and online content, I endeavor to tell stories with no limitations on genres or mediums. 

The page is only the beginning… 

~ Alexis P. Johnson ~

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