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Adoration - The Short Film

After being wounded by hunters, a vampire takes shelter in a secluded desert mission where he and a newly veiled nun find themselves stuck together for the night and share an enlightening conversation.

After over a year of waiting, and intense edits, ADORATION is finally here! This short film was written and produced by myself in collaboration with a talented cast and crew here in my home state of Arizona. I hope one day to make it into a full-length feature! So please support indie film by giving this a thumbs up and sharing. Thank you for watching!

Marco & Marena - A Short Film 🏴‍☠️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️🏜️🌊

A river pirate and a mermaid find common ground (or water, rather) in this short story created in Arizona. My amazing team brought this to life with basically no budget in less than 2 days--with nature and crowds to boot! It was very difficult to shoot in the elements as kayakers and fishing folks made noise literally EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, but we did it! I am so proud of this cast and crew and I hope you enjoy our fun little "tail!"

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